New Year and New Job Start for Remarkable Receptionist Francesca

We’re delighted to announce our remarkable receptionist Francesca Joseph is making an exciting new job move…although luckily for our charity gym she won’t be going far; as she’s becoming our new Ability Bow part-time Executive Assistant in the New Year.  

Francesca - who’s worked on our reception for just over two years and provided a range of necessary duties including vital administration, gym membership bookings and marketing/events support - will start her new role (which is also a brand new role for our gym) in the second week of January.

Francesca’s New Executive Assistant Role

Helping with essential personal assistant tasks for our gym’s director and founder, Victoria Kent, Francesca will work on areas such as:  

  • Providing financial admin support including with our new grant funding opportunities
  • Processing necessary board meeting paperwork and logistics work relating to our trustees
  • Scheduling general meetings and other ad-hoc admin functions

Why Francesca Recommends Our New Full-Time Receptionist Role

With first-hand experience on our gym’s reception – based on the third floor at St Paul’s Church, St Stephen’s Road, Bow – Francesca admits she’ll miss her current role (ending today, Friday 21 December 2018) and highly recommends people to apply for her current Ability Bow reception post (which is available to apply for now and will also become Full-Time in the New Year).

Francesca says: “I’m really looking forward to my new executive assistant role and I’m really keen and understandably nervous to impress like with any new job; but I can’t stress how much I’ll miss my current reception job and also all the people I’ve met and spoken to over the years, including our great members.

“I took the reception role at the time because I felt it was such a nice change from some of the reception jobs I’ve had. At Ability Bow, you can have a warm, fun and friendly working relationship with the team, as well as working hard and providing such a day-to-day difference to the gym’s operations, which I’ve really got to be a part of since being on reception and will definitely carry on into my new role (I’ve also been able to explore potential training and development opportunities here too, which is also really encouraged when working here).

“As I’m naturally quite quiet and shy, being on reception has really helped develop my confidence and wellbeing and as my first ever permanent role, I couldn’t think of a better job for people to start on, so that’s why I’d really recommend people apply for the role, as it’s such a nice team and atmosphere and you can have a nice and meaningful impact on our members too.”

Empathising With Our Cause

Si Mohamed Dahiri, Ability Bow Operations Manager, adds: “Francesca is a fantastic employee and has developed so well in her time at Ability Bow and offers a great balance of being a warm and friendly face, with being a great worker with a creative skillset.

“I’m really pleased for her to be working more closely with our director, Victoria, as it will help Victoria to further lead on developing Ability Bow’s funding streams and networking opportunities with appropriate exercise, health and wellbeing partners; all through having Francesca taking on some important tasks Victoria would normally focus on.

“With our new receptionist role, we’re also keen for someone who really wants to make a first-hand difference, improve people’s lives and be a team player.

“Although, essentially, we really would like someone who can empathise with the cause of supporting our 400 members with disabilities and serious health conditions in to our gym to exercise each year to lead healthier and more active lives – which Francesca has in abundance; so if you feel you’ve got what it takes, apply now and good luck.”

Apply Now for our new Full-Time Receptionist role here>>