London Marathon 2017

We are grateful to the following fundraisers who ran the 2017 Virgin London Marathon to raise much needed money for Ability Bow: 

Peter Armstrong, Keval Bhatt, William Burbridge-James , Baz Colley, Ydette Estrada, Alysen Friedman, Vijay Garimella, Michelle Gerstman, Lori Hamamoto, Marc House, Hazel Hunte, Natalie Lewis, Richard Niemeyer, Andrew Parra, Sarit Patel, Stephanie Pflanz, Sarah Stafford, Dominika Stanislawska, Nicola Stephens, Mark Stephenson, Niki Stevens , Lloyd Stevens, Daniel Tain, Tracey Taylor, Feng Wang, Alex Wyatt, Laura Yeo. 



Laura Yeo.jpg

Hazel Hunte.jpgOur work would not be possible without the support of private donors and event fundraisers. 

As a charity Ability Bow relies on the money raised from London Marathon sponsorships.It costs us £60 to provide a one-to-one session but we charge just £4.50. This ensures that our service is affordable to those who need it. 

We also take part in other fundraising events each year. See here for more info on taking part . 


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