Fit for Life

Group exercise

Fit for Life is a free, innovative, community-based service for adults in the borough of Tower Hamlets who would like support managing weight and associated long term health conditions.

The programme is a partnership between Bromley by Bow Centre,Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Ability Bow.

The service is based around four elements:

  • Weight Management – a personalised action plan to achieve your weight goals
  • Physical Activity – specially designed programmes to make activity safe and fun
  • Healthy Eating – help to understand better eating for a healthier life
  • Motivational Support – working alongside you to help make changes

The Fit for Life programme helps participants to take back control of their health, build confidence and achieve goals for a healthier life. It links attendees to many accessible services within the local community like ours . To join please see more info here 

An initial twelve week programme includes a variety of classes, learning andactivities. Support is provided for a full year to help participants achieve their goals.