Good News! We are reopening after lockdown

Our gym and face to face service will begin phased reopening on 19th October. For several weeks now our staff have worked behind the scenes to make sure that when we open our doors again during COVID-19 we do so as safely as possible.

For limited weekly open hours we invite members to return to exercise for 45 minute sessions in the gym, which will be arranged by bookings only. To manage reduced numbers during the pandemic we will not accept members visiting the gym without a pre-booked session

Ability Bow responds to news that 2020 London Marathon as a mass event is cancelled

Disappointing news for charities and runners, but at least it provides some awaited clarity which can only be a good thing!

Following being postponed for 6 months because of Covid-19, it is announced that the mass event will be pushed back to October 2021, and an exclusive crowd-free race will be staged for elite athletes only, on 4th October 2020. 

What we're doing to reopen our face to face services

Now that it is possible for gyms to reopen after being shut because of Covid-19, we are looking at how we can reopen our community gym and begin delivering some limited face to face services. We're excited to think that we'll be able to see many familiar and new faces again soon but because we consider safety of our people above all else, it will take a little time for us to ensure that we have the right measures in place. 

We're Here To Help You Workout At Home

We're delighted to confirm we've created some awesome online exercise resources for you to help you keep fit and workout during these unprecedented times. 

To help you keep on exercising as best you can at home during the coronavirus, we've produced: 

We're here! To help you keep moving.

What an extraordinary week in unprecedented times. This week, for the first time since we opened 14 years ago, we closed our gym and suspended face to face services. This is all of course to protect our gym members in the wake of corona virus (Covid-19) and to abide by the progressively changing guidelines from Public Health England.

Service Update From Ability Bow

We have issued a statement regarding the coronavirus below. 

Public Health England is now recommending some new actions that will help delay the spread of Covid-19. In support of the delay strategy, Ability Bow has decided to suspend its specialist disabilities exercise services.

This means there will be no gym or exercise services at Ability Bow gym or at our community group classes until further notice.