2010 Virgin London Marathon

With the 2010 Virgin London Marathon finished we would like take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all our runners and sponsors for the amazing job they have done this year. All 24 runners completed the course in very respectable times. All the money raised and all future Marathon donations will go towards providing more one-to-one sessions for the people who need it most.

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Many Thanks To The Following 2010 Runners:

Nigel Newton Sawyer Vincent White Christopher Vokes Victoria Ball Darren Boyce Soraya El-Khazen Mark Long Eileen Chowles Tina Gray Paul Kwei Dewi Lytton Greg Sayer Peter Thomas Maria Trylska Georgia Wilkinson Emma Dunne Rena Ghatouara James Murrells Matthew Paxton Louise Payaniandy Jose Vazquez Charlotte Dunn Clive Bannister Peter Kelly

What we do and who we help

We are a small, local charity based in East London. Most of the people we help would never normally use the gym; some are exercising for the first time in their lives. Consequently we find ourselves adapting exercise for people with low fitness levels and varied abilities. The reward is that we often see significant improvements in people’s fitness which impacts positively on their lives, leading to their increased independence.

Some of our members have quite severe health conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, or a degenerative disease or have had a stroke. While others might have weight problems, high blood pressure, back problems, depression or are recovering from an injury.  But we try to help people whatever their ability and where we need to we involve a GP or health professional to make this possible.

Many of our members receive one-to-one gym sessions; some of them exercise in small groups with a maximum of four people per instructor. People on the GP Referral Scheme have 10 one-to-one sessions or more and others just have one or two and then use the gym independently.

We focus on making the most of a person’s ability and work to empower them to do the same.

Useful Web Links:

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