43 Days to go until the Big Day!

"Welcome and Hello to our lovely Runners.."

Today we count 43 days until this year's London Marathon - the Big Day for our Team of 35 wonderful runners signed up to run 26.2 miles to raise money for Ability Bow. It is a big day for us too, we'll get up early and go to Greenwich Park to meet our runners at the Start and take pictures of as many of you as we can find.

Then we'll hot-foot over to Limehouse where we'll station ourselves at The Grapes pub to cheer you all on at the 14-mile mark. In previous years we heard that 14 miles can be a tough part of the race but we also hear that running past your Charity and your Supporters can seriously boost your energy!

We pledge to make as much noise as humanly possible to cheer you on! The Grapes pub is a great spot for your family and friends to support you from; as we know it is a good 'halfway-ish' point for supporters to get to after seeing you off at the Start and of course we'll make them all very welcome at The Grapes.

The more supporters we can gather at the pub, the more noise we can make to cheer you on. You might be aware that Sir Ian McKellen recently bought The Grapes, so we are expecting some celebrity company on the day! 

If you haven't already, do follow us on Twitter and 'like' us on Facebook (we have an event page for the Marathon on fb), and feel free to post comments or queries on this page.

Thanks again for choosing Ability Bow as your charity. Lorna and Victoria