Ability Bow Strategy Day

On 18th February we held our annual Ability Bow Strategy Day. The Strategy Day is an 'away day' where everyone involved with the running of Ability Bow can get together and look back on what we have or have yet to achieve in the last year and look forward to what we want to make happen over the next few years.

We have done this every year but this year was the best attendance we have had. 14 people were there including staff, volunteer instructors, trustees and volunteer IT guys (who help with all the important, technical bits) and everyone mucked in to develop and shape Ability Bow's strategic aims for the next 3 years.

It gave us time to discuss what is happening with funding- we are safe this year with no cuts to funding from Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust and City & Hackney Primary Care Trust. We talked about other ways to raise money as well as awareness of Ability Bow. We also discussed some new funding we have just received from the City Bridge Trust for our new Reach Ability Project.

This 3-year funding will allow us to set up 2 exercise classes in Hackney for people with disabilities, 2 classes in Tower Hamlets for people with MS, and it will also give us the opportunity to (amongst other things) get out with our gym members and encourage them to try different types of exercise and activities e.g. swimming, walking, yoga classes and other mainstream gyms. 

It was a great meeting and we were all pleased to be part of shaping our future! We are writing up our notes as I speak and a Strategy Plan will soon be available to download from our website.

Joanne Roche Operations Manager