The Big Fun Run

Big Fun Run 20 Ability Bow runners took part in the Big Fun Run in Victoria Park to raise money to buy a Power Plate machine for gym users.

It was a very enjoyable sunny race day with a good turnout from gym users, local residents, family and friends. The money is still coming in but we hope to have raised around £4500 from donations and sponsorships.

An extra Well Done to our Instructor Simohamed who came a very respectable 2nd in the race! We hope to reach our fundraising target of £6500 before the end of the year and buy a Power Plate machine for the gym. Power Plate machines are used for whole body vibration training. It is accessible to almost everyone and is especially useful for people who have health conditions or a disability. 

For our gym users with MS it will improve their strength, coordination and stability, it will also help to decrease their pain sensations (due to desensitization of pain receptors). It helps to relieve depression as a result of an increase in production/release of serotonin (happy hormone!). For our members with Cerebral Palsy it can help with muscle tightness and spasticity. It also improves balance, posture and walking. It will improve circulation which in turn will help with the healing of pressure sores and other skin conditions.

People with osteoporosis can improve their bone density. The Power Plate vibrations will cause contractions in the muscles, which in turn will pull on the bone. This has a positive effect on the Bone Mineral Density and many other tissues, leading to more flexible tendons, which will lead to improvements in daily functioning.