Catching Up With: Lorna

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Meet Lorna Dorrell! You may have already seen her around our gym, as she used to work with us until the end of last year performing vital reception and marketing/communications roles for our service! 

Lorna, 37, is now at limbless veterans charity, Blesma, as communications manager, so we thought we'd get the latest on her new venture, below! 

Meet Lorna: The Q&A 

Q: Hi Lorna! Great to catch up! Where are you based? 

A: Hi Ability Bow! I work in Chadwell Heath for Blesma at the Essex/London border. Blesma are a national charity with national support workers and global members.

Q: What's your career background? 

A: I studied Art History at Goldsmiths Uni, before working at a private health clinic (I'd by then had enough of endless uni academia/essays).

I then joined Ability Bow in 2010, where my role grew massively from reception to marketing/communications, as the charity's profile had grown and so did the need for a dedicated PR and marketing person (where I spent five years leading on). 

This role included all events organisation and admin, fundraising and bid writing and I'm so glad the media interest and gym campaigning in my last year equipped me with invaluable skills and knowledge which I'm so grateful for. 

Q: How much did you enjoy working at Ability Bow?

A: I knew the first time I visited the gym it was special; where the members' needs are paramount, staff have a genuine understanding of people and it all makes for a happy atmosphere. The enthusiasm here is definitely infectious! 

Q: What were your highlights with us? 

A: Working with people's always suited me and I enjoy being hands on. I have very fond memories of organising the amazing Brick Lane Village fete and other many great projects; as well as making many firm friends. 

Essentially, sharing laughs with people and meeting so many who've touched my life in some way is what I loved about working at Ability Bow.

Q: Tell us more about your role at Blesma? 

A: Blesma was formed in the years after World War One and became a national charity in 1932. 

Blesma assists serving and ex-service men and women - throughout the UK and overseas - who've suffered limb loss or the loss of use of a limb, eye, or sight loss sustained during or after conflict. We support veterans from past wars as well as those currently and, we ensure ex-service men and women can lead independent and fulfilling lives and will not be failed, forgotten or left behind. 

As communications manager, I deal with press and media, campaigns, storytelling and shape our public profile, ensuring our message is on-brand, accurate and engaging as possible (there are some truly amazing stories to be told). 

Q: How much do you enjoy your role at Blesma? 

A: It's my first encounter with the military world so it's a real learning curve. The military mindset is really different, which is apparent through how our members deal with traumatic injury, which I find very unique and fascinating. Veterans have a great resilience and bond and Blesma try to recover that sense of family after serious trauma. 

Q: What hobbies/interests do you have? How's your exercise going since leaving our gym? 

A: I still enjoy art and visit galleries a few times a month (London's never short of exhibitions). As a huge music fan, I also regularly attend gigs.

Ability Bow certainly piqued my fitness interest; the staff really care for fitness and nutrition which definitely rubs off on you. It's a shame I've never really been a gym bunny and I certainly miss the luxury of working out Ability Bow with all my trainer friends on hand! 

Now, I run when I can and do yoga at classes or at home; it's definitely important to explore what you enjoy most so you're most likely to stick to it!