Fans Drum Up The Dosh For Gym's Avalanche Survivor Graham

An Ability Bow gym user who spent 10 days in a coma fighting for his life after an avalanche accident has received an extra £1,300 for his fundraising campaign for our gym from worldwide fans of the late, great electronic music producer, Marcus Intalex (pictured centre, alongside Graham (right) and their friend, Jonny (left)). 

Graham Naylor, a long-time friend of fellow Burnley and Lancashire born drum’n’bass pioneer Marcus Intalex, real name Marcus Kaye - whom he met at Burnley College in 1988 - has raised more than £4,000 for Team G’s Ability Bow fundraiser.

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The campaign was set up in aid of Burnley Football Club fan Graham’s Parallel London entry for the all ability event last September, to honour our Bow-based gym’s consistent rehabilitation support following Graham's accident in the French Alps in December 2012.

Take a look at Graham’s journey with us at our gym in this enthralling video>>

Remarkable Recovery

Graham - who was left without oxygen whilst snowboarding off piste when the avalanche occurred - was airlifted to a hospital in Grenoble and hooked up to a life support machine with a drip for a month.

After returning to the UK to receive three further months of similar treatment at the Royal London Hospital, Brick Lane-based Graham began rehabilitation at the Northwick Park regional unit in 2013, alongside additional Mile End Community Health Team support.

It was then that Graham joined inner London’s only disability and long term health conditions rehabilitation gym, Ability Bow, in 2014, to aid his recovery from a hypoxic brain injury, which led to him developing a direct side effect - Lance Adams syndrome - affecting his speech and mobility. He is now learning to walk again and making gradual and impressive progress thanks to Ability Bow’s highly qualified and specialist exercise instructors.

Graham, who only recalls the initial part of the accident, says: “It all happened very quickly, but eventually I couldn’t outrun a torrent of snow and I must have been buried very deep, because the piste rescue team couldn’t even find me by using poles during their search.

“Luckily, a mountain rescue dog was brought up and found me straight away. Ever since the accident, I’ve been really lucky and owe so much to - and have valued the help of - my care worker Roy who assists me wherever I go; he never gets a day off!” Graham adds.

Fantastic Fundraising

Graham and his friends have embarked on some fantastic fundraising for Ability Bow - which is based near Roman Road Market in St Stephen’s Road - since Graham joined our gym.

As part of his #RideWithGraham campaign in 2015, Graham’s London friends cycled for Ability Bow in the Prudential RideLondon Surrey 100 event, while his northern-based friends also cycled coast-to-coast via Hadrian’s Wall for us. 

Graham - who’s recently received proceeds from friends of electronic producer Marcus Intalex through sales of a T-shirt designed for Marcus by Graham and a co co-produced track with Intalex and electronic music collaborators LSB and DRS, entitled Angels Fall - then rode Parallel London with care worker Roy in 2016 for Ability Bow and Headway East London.

Mega Chuffed

Seeing his Burnley and Manchester-based family and friends when he can, Graham, says: “I think everyone will be ‘mega chuffed’ with this donation, as I’m still very proud of what my mate Marcus achieved and is still obviously doing through his music.

He adds: “I can’t thank everyone enough who’s donated and helped to make Ability Bow the amazing person-centred service it is - including for me after my accident - and how they’re consistently providing friendly and effective support every day to aid my recovery.”

Ability Bow

Founded in 2006 by director Victoria Kent and various trustees, Ability Bow - assisted by Ability UK - supported 3,650 people of its members - who are Bow and Tower Hamlets residents - to exercise within its first 10 years of service. 

Featuring highly experienced and qualified instructors, local NHS services are able to make person-centred referrals to our gym, which runs wide-ranging activities including for people with strokes, hearing loss and mental health challenges and aids individual assistance for people like Graham and his support work team.

Victoria Kent, Director and Founder of Ability Bow, said: “Thanks to Marcus Intalex and his legacy and the wonderfully generous support of his fans, we’re able to continue to provide our gym members of all abilities with tailored activities that encourage goal-setting, healthy living and socialising. 

“Our service is passionate about people and thanks to the passion of our supporters, including Marcus Intalex music lovers we can continue to help our gym members to achieve results in our non-judgemental and positive environment.

“I’m sure Marcus would be proud of this news, as I know we are certainly proud of him and his fans!”

Graham and Marcus Intalex 

Sharing a mutual love of the emerging underground house / techno culture and driving him to national clubs / events from 1989 through to 2004 and London’s Music House to press dub plates, Graham spearheaded the design and branding for Marcus Intalex’s releases after the foundation of Intalex’s Soul:R Record label. 

Working under the alias, Trevino, Intalex who died on 28 May 2017 was labelled a pioneer of the early UK drum’n’bass sound and scene by various DJs and media. 

Also working as a Kiss Manchester 102 FM DJ from 1993 to 2000, some of Marcus Intalex’s most popular tracks include; How You Make Me Feel, Climbing Up The Walls and Temperance; as well as Indulge, Eclipse, Forged and Warmer and more under the Trevino moniker, whereby Intalex revisited his roots by exploring house and techno soundscapes. 

Graham, who enjoyed various musical tastes similar to Marcus, explains their friendship by adding: “Marcus and I become good friends due to our mutual respect of acid house, techno and hip-hop. 

“After taking a year out in Australia I returned to the UK in 2005, I wanted a change and moved to London, where Marcus and I re-connected and kept in touch regularly, exchanging music, politics, and grumpy viewpoints and I always updated him on my antics, much to his amusement!

“My friends and I have so many favourite tracks that Marcus created, including It Ain’t Easy and Make Way, with my personal favourite being Climbing Up The Walls and his leftfield ones like Qwer-Key and Wacky Races; he’s definitely a genius in his field!”

Marcus Intalex's Work 

For an overview of Marcus Intalex and his stunning electronic dance music tracks via the Soul:R label, log on to his YouTube page>>

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