Fantastic First Films Created By Dynamic Local Trainees For Our Gym

Some of London’s newest talented film trainees have created some stunning videos documenting the Ability Bow gym in what is their first ever attempt at film making.

Trainees at the Bethnal Green-based Four Corners each produced separate pieces earlier this year as part of its annual six week-long ZOOM programme, with its young trainees helping to capture the lives and work of Ability Bow gym users and staff.

Watch The First Film 

Take a look at the first of these fantastic ZOOM programme trainee films here>>

Student Satisfaction

Ability Bow got involved with Four Corners in January this year, whose impressive trainees were able to benefit from the film production company’s in-house creative software and its invaluable training expertise; all part of its accelerated ZOOM course tutoring beginners based from within Tower Hamlets.

Working alongside inner London’s only disability and long term health conditions rehabilitation gym, Ability Bow - which has aided 3,650 people into exercise within its first 10 years since 2006 - Four Corners ZOOM programme trainee Bianca Phillips, who has previously volunteered for Ability Bow and produced one of the excellent gym films, says: "It was great to come back in this capacity and get the chance to tell an audience what amazing work Ability Bow does for exercise and disabilities.

"The editing process was fantastic and creating a story to help promote Ability Bow was great.

"Learning to put a film together gives me many new skills to help with my day-to-day job."

Francine Fernandes, another ZOOM trainee working on one of the Ability Bow films, says: “I was delighted to be selected and was thrilled we were able to use the filming skills we learned to highlight the vital work of Ability Bow.

“The gym is a fantastically innovative place which encourages and enables people of varying capabilities to develop themselves physically and maintain their independence.”

ZOOM trainee Ben Santos Scheidt, adds: “I really enjoyed working with the gym users and staff who were all super receptive and friendly and they created an amazing atmosphere.

“Working on the ZOOM project with a charity like Ability Bow makes everything meaningful to work for a cause bigger than us; as it connects people and makes us (the trainees) feel useful.”

Making A Difference

Sarah Page, Four Corners and ZOOM programme Training Coordinator - who partners students with local charities each year as part of the aim to produce a short film about the chosen organisation’s causes - says: “It was a real pleasure working with Victoria (Ability Bow’s director and founder) and the rest of the Ability Bow team.

“We chose Ability Bow because they are run by a very small team of dedicated, hard-working staff and as they don’t have the largest marketing budget, we really felt our ZOOM trainees could make a difference in helping Ability Bow promote the fantastic, absolutely essential work they do in the community.”

Working over a two-day slot within the Ability Bow gym, Sarah says she and her ZOOM trainees were delighted with the patience, friendliness and help of all the gym’s members and staff involved during the filming schedule, while feeling proud of the ZOOM trainees’ independence.

“Our trainees’ confidence has really grown after successfully producing their own short films with the help of Ability Bow and to further their development, they will otherwise soon be paired with industry mentors and complete exciting placements at TV/film production companies,” Sarah adds.

“Everyone at Four Corners is so excited to see each of the trainees’ careers develop over the year ahead.”

Perfect Partnership

Thrilled with the collaboration between Four Corners and Ability Bow, Victoria Kent, Ability Bow Director and Founder, says: “We’re all so happy that Four Corners chose us as their annual charity for their accomplished and impeccable filmmakers to develop some amazing films documenting the lives of our gym members and staff.

“Working together in this way has provided a perfect partnership for two vital local organisations who are respectively, looking to empower their members within the community through creative film making, and, raise awareness of key health and wellbeing behaviour change.”

Four Corners Zoom Programme

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