Good News! We are reopening after lockdown

Our gym and face to face service will begin phased reopening on 19th October. For several weeks now our staff have worked behind the scenes to make sure that when we open our doors again during COVID-19 we do so as safely as possible.

For limited weekly open hours we invite members to return to exercise for 45 minute sessions in the gym, which will be arranged by bookings only. To manage reduced numbers during the pandemic we will not accept members visiting the gym without a pre-booked session

So that we may keep the COVID-19 risk to our staff and members as low as possible, things will be run a little different from before lockdown. We'll require all members to abide by our new Gym Rules and because restrictions and guidance are so changeable we will keep adapting our provision in line with current advice from Public Health England. 

If you're a gym member who would like to return please enquire about sessions by contacting us by email at or phone 020 8980 7778 

Thank you to all the gym members who took part in our reopening survey; we have used your feedback to shape our COVID-19 support. Our online exercise service, which grew out of a need to keep our people exercising during lockdown, has become a firm favourite with gym members who exercise with us via Zoom livestream. We will also keep an online exercise support running indefinitely because can see how important this service is helping people who cannot (or who prefer not to) visit the gym, to exercise at home with one-to-one support. You can view a video sample of our livestream exercise hereIf you'd like to join in our online sessions we'd love to hear from you so do get in touch as above. To keep everyone connected we even have a weekly social livestream; a 'virtual' cuppa. 

Opening the gym door to our people again will be a joy. Remember to book first - we really look forward to seeing you again.