Gym Members' Weekly Bulletin #11.. 1976 My Favourite Year

gym instructor Tony seated upright in a a chair ready to begin seated shoulder rotation with stretchy band

This week’s news:

  • Welcome to this week’s bulletin shared with our lockdown community. We hope that this weekly bulletin helps to keep our people connected during lockdown and shielding.

  • In this edition of the bulletin we have some film, TV and book recommendations from members and team. There are also some ‘high five’ moments shared with us in Small Triumphs where we focus on times during the day that really need celebrating! Gym member Christine Lilley writes about her favourite year, and reminisces about the prolonged heatwave of 1976. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this edition of the Bulletin.

  • We enjoyed seeing this video of a renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma giving an impromptu performance in a vaccine waiting room in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, after having just received his second vaccine. This is from The Guardian: He performs Ave Maria and the prelude to Bach's Cello Suite No 1 to the small number of patients waiting to receive the dose. Ma, who played for about 15 minutes, is a part-time resident of the area and wanted to 'give something back' to his community. It’s delightful!

  • Thank you to the gym members who have arranged for their session payments to go through the system swiftly and smoothly this week. We really appreciate this. As you know it is our policy to ask for a contribution towards the cost of gym and online sessions, and it really helps us manage this efficiently if people pay their fees before the session starts. We are not fully funded to deliver all sessions, so every piece of the payments jigsaw helps towards keeping our services running! If you have any proposals for ways we can make payments accessible for you and easy to manage please get in touch. We’re open to suggestions.

Try this at home: Seated Shoulder Rotation with Resistance Band

This week we take a look at Shoulder Rotation exercise, using a resistance band. This exercise will help to strengthen the muscles that keep the shoulder joint stable, reducing the risk of injury and shoulder pain.

 Sit as straight as you can

 Hold the band with an underhand grip, pinning your elbows to your sides

 Slowly pull the band apart, rotating your arms away from your body whilst keeping your elbows pinned to your sides

 Repeat 10-15 times

To make the exercise more challenging, hold the band with your hands closer together. 

Small Triumphs:

Have you had any notable highlights recently? Let us know what things went well for you today!

Received my new yoga mat to help take my exercise to the next level! Christine Lilley

I progressed to using a blue exercise band. Well done! Sharia Begum


Book Corner:

Instructor Tony is reading  7 Steps To A Pain Free Life. Written by Robin McKenzie 

“It’s a really good book full of information on how to avoid or alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain caused by poor posture. “ Tony 

Enjoyed on Film & TV:

There have been plenty of film and TV recommendations this week. Why not share with the other readers what you’ve been pleased to have watched recently? 

Coming to America 2 So good to see the original characters back again after so long. I really enjoyed it! And what I’m going to watch on TV: The new series of Line of Duty. Starts Sunday! Janet Remy

I enjoyed this film too - I watched it with my family and really chuckled at Wesley Snipes. I had no idea that he could be so comedic! Victoria

Watch Yes Day on Netflix with the kids, it's a nice family movie but one of my favourite films is True Romance and Titanic which was one of the first films to bring tears to my eyes as the ending is sad where she tells him not to fall asleep. Mark Williams

Watch Bloodlands on BBC1 (catch up on BBC iPlayer) It gives you a real sense of what Northern Ireland is like at the moment. Plus I recognise all the scenery from my time living and working in Ireland. Mary Doyle

Poldark (there are 5 seasons to watch on Netflix) Love the scenery, story, and I quite like the lead actor :) Binta


Member Spotlight: My Favourite Year

“I am sure everyone has a favourite year of something very significant that they happily remember. 

My favourite year was 1976.   I was 18 years old and I was about to leave school to start my training to be a nurse.  The year of the long hot summer which stretched from early Spring to late Autumn.  A time of no mobile phones or internet access and zoom was a tool for the future.  It was an exciting time for me. 

  • Elton John and Kiki Dee were topping the charts with Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.  James Callaghan was Prime Minister and Liverpool were top of the Football League First Division.   It was a time of hope Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan won the Nobel Peace Prize that year for their work in bringing peace to Northern Ireland.  The country was building up to the Queen’s Silver Jubilee which took place the following year and Montreal hosted the 1976 Summer Olympic Games.

I started my nurse training in July and I remember it has a time of learning new skills and taking on greater responsibility.  I left home and I made lots of new friends.  It was a significant year for me.  It was a lifetime ago but it seems like it happened only yesterday.   Happy days. “ 

Christine Lilley

Stay safe everyone and have a good weekend. The AB Team.