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Catching Up With: Lorna

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Meet Lorna Dorrell! You may have already seen her around our gym, as she used to work with us until the end of last year performing vital reception and marketing/communications roles for our service! 

Lorna, 37, is now at limbless veterans charity, Blesma, as communications manager, so we thought we'd get the latest on her new venture, below! 

Vital Volunteers: Meet Emma and Sabina

As part of our increased volunteering focus, we thought we'd take the time to showcase how much we value our volunteers; and highlight how they get involved at our gym too day-to-day! 

Our vital volunteers help make us who we are!

Emma Alexander, 24 - who is a wheelchair racer currently training for the Paralympics - provides exercise support via the InstructAbility programme to one of our members. 

Meet Rod Douglas: Wheelchair To Walking For Ex-Boxing Pro At Our Gym

Rod Douglas has been at the highest levels in boxing. But one of his biggest lows came after experiencing a life-threatening stroke last year which follows his recovery from a brain injury shortly after a 1989 title fight. 

But making a remarkable effort from wheelchair to walking again since using our Ability Bow gym, Rod tells his story as to why our service is helping to build his outer and inner strength to fight for both living and thriving.