Keeping connected with a new weekly gym bulletin



8th January 2021

Introducing our brand new Members’ Bulletin. Happy New Year! 

Keeping Connected

We hope you had a good break over Christmas and despite the changing restrictions you managed to enjoy a festive few days. 

Now that we are back in lockdown for the time being, we want to offer a weekly newsletter to connect you with what we are up to at Ability Bow, and also to provide what we think are ‘helpful and interesting’ top-tips and snippets of information!

We believe in keeping as active and connected as possible. 

This week: 

The gym is closed due to COVID-19 Lockdown

Online Exercise and ‘Virtual Cuppa’ sessions are available to all members 

Undecided about exercising online with one of our Instructors? Contact us for YOUR FREE TASTER SESSION with Tony or Drew. 

Happy new year from all of us at Ability Bow Victoria Si Mohamed Rochelle Tony Patrick Frankie Drew

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