Meet Frankie: Day In The Life of our Remarkable Receptionist

Meet Frankie. She's one of our remarkable receptionists, who's been at our gym for just over 18 months. She spoke to us more about her role at our gym and why she loves working here!

The Q&A

Q: Where do you live? 

A: Locally in Bow.

Q: When did you first hear about the gym?

A. When I was searching locally for jobs part-time.

Q: What's a day in the life like for you at our gym?

A: As the morning receptionist, I check emails and phone messages and check in gym members as they arrive. I'm also a friendly face and able to resolve any members' queries and I also do many admin tasks.

Q: How have you found it working here?  

A: It's great; colleagues and gym members are all lovely people and it's such a pleasant atmosphere.

Q: Why are you passionate about people? 

A: Because there's lots to learn from others. It's enriching and inspiring to hear others' opinions and experiences and it's rewarding when I feel I make a difference to someone.

Q: What new skills have you learnt since being here?

A: I'm better at multi-tasking and far more confident on the phone?

Q: Biggest achievement? 

A: Bringing up my two children and my first solo delivery of a baby at college.

Q: Favourite music/artist?

A: It's mood dependent, though I favour rock and alternative.

Q: Favourite food? 

A: Indian Biryani.

Q: Favourite person? 

A: Lorraine, my aunt; she's the kindest and most level-headed person I know.