Meet Katie: Day In The Life Of Our Fantastic Fitness Instructor

Meet Katie. She's our 26-year-old fabulous fitness instructor, who began her new role this February at our disabiliies and long-term health conditions exercise service. She spoke to us more about why she loves her role!

Q: Where do you live? 

A: Shepherd's Bush, West London.

Q: What's your education/career background? 

A: I have a computing degree but decided to take a personal training course a couple of years after leaving university.

Q: How easily have you settled in to your Ability Bow role? 

A: Very easily; the members and staff are all really friendly and welcoming. 

Q: Why did you decide to join Ability Bow/how easy was it to apply for the role?

A: I wanted to find an exercise specialist position so I could help those with long-term health conditions/injuries/disabilities to move and enjoy exercise. I applied online after starting a job search and it was very straightforward. 

Q: Why did you want to work in your role as a personal trainer?  

A: My personal fitness journey has had a big impact on my life. I wanted to help others experience the benefits, improve their lifestyle and find more happiness while also expressing my passion. 

Q: What does your daily role involve as a personal trainer for people with disabilities and long-term health conditions? 

A: My role involves ensuring everyone using the gym is doing so safely, planning sessions tailored to clients' needs, creating a welcoming environment and also being there for a chit-chat. 

Q: Why would you recommend someone join Ability Bow as a gym member/what support will be offered? 

A: Ability Bow is a super friendly place to train, non-judgemental and has a relaxed atmosphere.

What's great about it is: 

Q: How different is attending Ability Bow compared to attending a more corporate gym? 

A: I think members would always find it easier to feel comfortable and talk to people here. You get more support and it's a friendly fun atmosphere. 

Q: What's the best health and wellbeing advice you could generally give to those looking to lead a healthy life or recover from a setback? 

A: Do something (even if it's small; as anything big or small is great progress) and never say never. 

Q: Why do you enjoy working for a service which helps people with disabilities and long-term health conditions? 

A: I really enjoy it as it allows me to encourage people not to give up and help them gain some power back (mentally and physically). 

Q: What hobbies/interests do you have? 

A: I love trying new and adventurous activities including travelling, reading, singing and dancing. 

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