Meet Rochelle: Day In The Life Of Our Remarkable New Receptionist

Meet Rochelle. She’s one of our remarkable receptionists, who began her new role late last month at our disabilities and long-term health conditions exercise service. She spoke to us more about her job and why she’s already found she loves working here!

The Q&A

Q: Where do you live?

A: Elephant and Castle, London.

Q: What’s your career/study/educational background?

A: I’ve had a varied recent work history. I've worked in a dog grooming business which has existed for the past year, while I’ve also been a receptionist for five years in various different organisations. 

I also have a degree in fashion, where I was taught extensively about the industry, where you have the chance to market your designs and how to develop your own company. It also really helped set me up for the world of work, which I found really important.

Q: What’s a day in the life so far for you at our gym?

A: It’s been really great. It’s a very varied role where I’ve learnt about reception-related processes, met a lot of new clients and staff for the first time; it’s so nice to meet loads of people from different backgrounds.

Q: How have you found it working here?

A: I also love the fact Ability Bow is a community gym and provides a great social aspect for members too. The diversity the company offers with its staff and volunteers is impressive too. It’s all just generally such a caring, thoughtful and inclusive environment.

Q: Why are you passionate about people?  

A: As I say, I love meeting new people with a range of personalities and characters too and the gym certainly offers so many people a great chance to make friends, learn from each other and gain positivity.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: I love cooking and particularly for my friends and family and creating a lot of different meals. I also love dog walking and have a pet poodle too (having a dog and walking him has also really developed my confidence to go out and meet new people with dogs too who you may see in the park which is great) and he’s a brilliant poser for the camera!

I also love travelling and have visited many different places; including seeing a lot more of Europe recently, including Malta in December for a week. I also love understanding the history and culture of places, which travelling really allows.

Q: Is there a person who really inspires you?

A: My Aunt. To me, she’s just a really good example of a genuinely good person!

Q: Have you ever met anyone famous?

A: Lots of people in the dog grooming business I used to work at! Footballer David Beckham (and his dog) once popped in, while I’ve also met the rapper Eve, popstar Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom. It really was an experience meeting everyone!

All the best to Rochelle in her new role at our gym!