Paralympic Snowboarder James Barnes-Miller Visits Ability Bow Gym

One of Great Britain's 2018 Winter Paralympics snowboarding team members James Barnes-Miller (pictured above in the centre alongside Patrick Trotman and Tony Snook) popped in for a visit to our Ability Bow gym this week to meet our team and members.

Barnes-Miller, 28, a full-time athlete who competed alongside Ben Moore and Owen Pick for Paralympics GB in the South Korean games in March, decided to take a look at the astonishing work we do in our gym for people with disabilities and long term health conditions, as well as meeting our incredible instructor team featuring Patrick Trotman and Tony Snook and our outstanding operations manager Si Mohamed Dahiri and remarkable receptionist, Frankie Joseph. 

The Broadstairs-based snowboarder finished seventh and 10th respectively in the snowboard cross and banked slalom events at this year's Paralympics and got in touch with us after meeting the gym's director and founder, Victoria Kent, at a Disability Snowsport UK reception hosted by the City Bridge Trust (who generously fund our Positive Steps mental health focused project). 

Born without a right hand, Barnes-Miller began snowboarding in 2010 after a holiday to Bulgaria. He says he is keen to help raise awareness of disabilities and inclusion across sport and fitness. 

"Ability Bow are doing some really great work for people with disabilities and long term health conditions and I'm really looking forward to becoming more involved where I can and raise awareness of this inclusive and social place, as well as campaigning for people with disabilities like myself and show more of what we can do", said James. 

Ability Bow's Advanced Instructor, Tony Snook, said: "It was a great honour to have a Paralympian visit our gym. 

"Not only is he a great sportsman, he's also a Level 4 qualified personal trainer, so he understood everything about the gym and our equipment and was very interested to hear about how we train our members."

Ability Bow Director and Founder, Victoria Kent, said: "It was really great to meet James to see what he's all about, hear his experiences and what he can bring to our gym.

"We really love all our campaigners and supporters and thank them for their hard work to help our members and staff team. James is certainly no exception - his amazing achievements highlight what can be done with determination from within and assistance from others, which is exactly what we embody at our gym. 

"As we're passionate about people, we hope we can help more people at our gym to connect with the local area, feel empowered to exercise and keep fit for longer, and, build relationships with physical and emotional wellbeing services; as we certainly believe James can hopefully be a great part of our little community and be part of extending our service for those in need of our dedicated support." 

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