Physiotherapy Service

Annemette is a qualified and chartered physiotherapist. She specialises in neuromuscular conditions and enjoys working with all injuries ranging from acute to long-standing chronic infirmities.She is keen on using strength and conditioning principles as well manual skills and exercise methods for rehabilitation. Over her eight years of experience accumulated from Denmark, Germany and England, Annemette has gained an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the biomechanics of this exciting and challenging field. Her assessment includes gait and running analysis. She always aspires to get to the original cause of her clients' problem and devises effective treatment programmes.

I love helping people to improve their physical abilities, knowledge and manage or get free of their pain. Ensuring every client reaches their goals and ultimately get them back to an active, pain-free and vibrant lifestyle. Every day and every client is different. I think everybody deserves the best care and I enjoy being part of delivering that care.


AJ 2.pngAnnemette is also a health trainer and nutritionist, and withholds courses from the College Of Contemporary Health, as proper nutrition is key to clients’ health. Currently, she is delivering workshops regarding manual handling techniques and how to understand problems that poor movement can cause. She has this year been invited to speak at the World Congress of Physical Therapy.

Please contact Annemette to arrange a treatment or for any inquiries.

 Annemette Jepsen, MCSP

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