Resistance Band Chest Press, a focus on photography.. and more. Members' Bulletin #10

using a resistance band to demonstrate a chest press exercise, seated.

This week’s news:

  • Welcome to this week’s bulletin. A special ‘hello’ to new members and a warm welcome to our lockdown community. We hope that this weekly bulletin goes some way to keep our people connected during lockdown and shielding.

  • In this edition of the bulletin we’ve added some brand new features - over in Book Corner we asked gym members to recommend their favourite books and films, and also to share any high points that they have enjoyed this week. In Small Triumphs we hear about ‘hurray’ moments of everyday achievement. We all experience frustrations with digital technology don’t we? So it’s well worth celebrating when we manage to overcome technology obstacles as sometimes Technology Achievements can feel hard won! 

  • Since our BBC London News appearance we have talked about our online exercise support activities to many people who made enquiries after watching the article on TV. On reception, Rochelle has been extra busy taking calls and emails. We look forward to signing up new gym members and welcoming them to our online service.

  • It's been a while since we have introduced pay by text. For many gym members, text is a quick and easy way to pay for sessions. However sometimes taking payments can be very time consuming for our small team, and we share how you can help, in Gym Notice below.

  • We’re excited to tell you that we are introducing 3 New Online Exercise Classes. We will run these brand new group sessions for FREE for 6 weeks. Let us know if you’d like to know more about joining in the Chair-Based Pilates, Chair-Based Urban Dance and Standing Urban Dance classes.

  • And in Member Spotlight, Khalid shares an interesting article about photography that he has written for this edition of the bulletin.

Try this at home: Seated Chest Press (using resistance band)

This week we take a look at the Chest Press with resistance band. It’s a great way to improve upper body strength and your ability to push with your arms. Working the muscles across the chest, front of shoulders and back of arms, this exercise can be done seated or standing. Instructor Tony talks us through the key coaching points:

Chest Press with resistance band

  • Sit as straight as you canseated with resistance band wrapped around back with the ends held out infront of chest.

  • Place the resistance band around your back and under your arms

  • Make sure the band is opened wide around your back

  • Grip the ends tight and push your arms forward, then slowly back to the starting point

  • Repeat 10-15 times

Book Corner:

illustration of book cover 'The Brain that Changes Itself'We all like to hear a recommendation for a good read, and during lockdown what better time to get stuck in to an absorbing book? We’ve asked gym members to share their good reads. John Per highly recommends The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge. John says “It’s a fascinating insight into the endless adaptability of the brain and how it can recover from neurological injury. This book is exercise for the brain!” John

Film Recommendations:

For an inspiring, feel good film, Gym Member Tareshvari recommends Peanut Butter Falcon. Available on Netflix and elsewhere. image of film poster cover for Peanut Butter Falcon film

“It’s a movie about a young guy with Down’s Syndrome, living in a residential nursing home who escapes and has the adventure of a lifetime, pursuing his dream to become a wrestler. I loved this film. So inspiring. Feel good! Highly recommended. It made my weekend!” Tareshvari

Gym Notice about Payments:

Si Mohamed writes about payments for gym sessions. Hi Gym Members! It's been a while since we have introduced pay by text. We have had a number of members signing up for this method of payment. While this has improved payment efficiency, it's still taking a large amount of time to administrate payments, as we are contacting members for payments and not getting through. We would like to remind members that payments for your session should be made by contacting Reception before your session starts. Sessions will not be able to proceed until the payment is received. We would like to also remind members that cancellations for sessions should be made at least 24 hours in advance, so we are able to offer these slots to members that need to reschedule appointments. We understand that some members will have to cancel appointments at very short notice due to change of health. If you are one of these members you would have already made Ability Bow aware of this during your assessment. 

Thank you for helping to make admin a little easier, and to enable us to fill any empty slots. Si Mohamed

Small Triumphs:

Are there sometimes moments when you just feel like giving yourself a mental high five? During the pandemic it’s easy to get tied up in the difficulties of lockdown but with a shift of attention, small ‘wins’ are there for us to give us a boost on most days. Maybe we just need to look for them? Here are some small, everyday triumphs enjoyed by our gym members that are definitely worth celebrating!drawing of a trophy with stars coming out of the top

“I walked 10,000 steps for the first time in 3 years.” Shariar Begum

“I achieved 11 sit-to-stands for the first time ever!” Janet Remy

“Given the current situation and everything we've all been through, staying healthy and being alive!” John Per

Technology Achievements:

Have you overcome any technology obstacles this week? Tell us about any digital achievements that you’ve enjoyed recently, and share your good news with others.

“I began my 'Becoming confident using your computer' online course and successfully logged on with no help. I also negotiated using PayPal for the first time!” Gillian Serra 

Member Spotlight:

Gym Member Khalid writes a short article on photography. 

Photography is a hobby that can be pursued by persons with a wide range of abilities. It is a lot cheaper now than it used to be. You no longer have to buy expensive photographic film or pay for developing and printing it. Photos can be stored on a computer, on a mobile phone, or your camera’s memory card, and could be sent anywhere by email. Camera costs vary enormously. At the cheaper end, you could use your mobile phone camera which could take decent photos. At the other end you could pay £16500 for the German made Leica S3, or £43500 for the Swedish made Hasselblad H6D. For many serious hobbyists, Canon or Nikon single lens reflex (SLR) cameras costing around £500 would be fine. Photographic subjects, apart from portraits of friends and family, could include wildlife. You don’t need to go on a jungle safari, you could photograph squirrels and foxes in your garden, ducks and fish in a pond, birds on trees and hedges, butterflies on flowers, and so on. London is rich in architecture, such as: St Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament, Marble Arch, The Tower Bridge, Chelsea Bridge, as well as many museums, palaces, churches, skyscrapers, art deco buildings, and railway stations. London is also home to some of the most beautiful parks including Regents Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St James Park, Primrose Hill, Kew Park, Richmond Park, Greenwich Park and Crystal Palace. Once you feel comfortable with your camera, there are numerous other subjects like rivers, trains, street life. Happy snapping. Khalid