Spring and Small Triumphs: Members' Bulletin #14

small star flower in pale mauve in a pot surrounded by green slender leaves

This week’s news:

  • Welcome to this week’s bulletin shared with our lockdown community. Our weekly bulletin helps to keep our people connected during lockdown and shielding.

  • Lockdown is lifting and we’re planning reopening of our in-person activities in the gym. We are currently ‘risk assessing’ what activities we will be able to offer when we do reopen shortly, to make sure that members and staff are as Covid safe as possible.  We all want to go back to normal but we will only do what is sensible and allowed. Everyone’s safety is our priority. Watch this space for a date and we will announce it here next week.

  • This week our staff and Trustees met for the second of two strategy planning sessions held on Zoom. We wanted to review our priorities in this changeable world and we set about making sure that the activities we provide are all relevant and meeting the needs of our community. It was encouraging to note that one year on in the pandemic Ability Bow has survived to deliver meaingful, adapted activities in whatever ways have been available to us. Our online exercise service has enabled us to carry on helping people to exercise even during the times that our gym has been closed. We also noted that the demand for supported exercise is higher than ever since the pandemic. 


  • We have a few important Small Triumphs this week and some hearty recommendations in Book Corner and Watched on TV. The sun is also shining (well at times!) and the onset of spring is transforming the trees and plants outside. Perhaps get out and about this week, even if it is a short breath of fresh air. A cup of tea in the garden or by an open window can allow us to pause for a few moments and notice the changing season. Does anyone have a bird feeder in view? Let us know what birds you can see!  

Try this at home: Bicep Curl with Resistance Band

This week we take a look at the Bicep Curl which as the name suggests, works our bicep muscle (top front of arm). This muscle enables us to bend our arms, helping us to pull and lift things.

Bicep Curl

instructor seated in a chair with a resistance band under one foot and stretched in two gripped hands, to perform a bicep curl using the band stretch as resistance Sit straight

 Secure band under your foot. Hold on the end of the band

 Keeping your elbow close to your body, bend your arms towards you to perform a arm curl, then return to the start position

instructor seated in a chair with a resistance band under one foot and stretched in two gripped hands, to perform a bicep curl using the band stretch as resistance Repeat 10-15 times 

 If you are unable to secure a resistance band under your feet, try the exercise with a small hand weight held in each hand or a filled water   bottle held in each hand.


Book Corner:

a stack of books infront of a plant, with a cup of tea in the foreground Victoria has been listening to Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld on audible. “It’s a fictional story about Hillary Clinton and in this ‘what if’ version   of her life she decides to leave the man she loves (Bill Clinton) when she has had enough of his philandering ways. I’m part-way through   the story and at this point they’re deeply in love and their relationship is under the strain of Bill’s seeming addiction to other women. I’m     enjoying a fictional glimpse into the lives of two influential people. I’d definitely recommend it as an audio book because the narrator   (Carrington MacDuffie) is also superb. “

Enjoyed on TV:

Have you watched something recently that you really enjoyed? Share a good watch with others and find ideas for what to settle down to view over the weekend.

Janet recommends us to see “An interesting though traumatic look at hate crime aimed towards those with disabilities” Targeted: The Truth about Disability Hate Crime on BBC 2

Maureen has been watching The Syndicate on BBC1. This series begins with realisation that their winning ticket was for £27m and the villainous postmaster has run off with it to Monaco. “It’s an amusing series and all the characters are likeable. A fast paced and enjoyable story and the perfect choice for watching at the moment. “

Small Triumphs:

Share your ‘high five’ moments and celebrate things that have gone well for you this week. 

“A high moment was going out for a picnic with my family.” Janet 

“Doing sit to stand using a stability cushion to challenge the balance more.” Gillian

“The blossom on the trees this week - beautiful!” Victoria

“Achieved step ups 1 minute 30 seconds without stopping!” Gillian

“Achieved 10 sit to stand without using her arms for support. Well done Deniese!” Tony

“I have just finished my 2nd Urban Dance class with Drew.  These classes build in on what I am achieving with Tony.  I also aim to walk 20 minutes each day. Drew and Tony are enthusiastic teachers and they make exercise fun. I haven’t been this fit in years.” Christine

Stay safe everyone and have a great weekend! The AB Team