Terrific Ten-Up For Si Mohamed At Ability Bow

Picture of Simohamed at Ability Bow

Our outstanding operations manager Si Mohamed Dahiri is celebrating a terrific 10 years at our Ability Bow gym!

Si Mohamed, who has worked in various roles at inner London's only disability and long-term health conditions gym - including past functions as a fitness instructor and deputy manager - joined Ability Bow in May 2008 after a previous stint as an estate agent and completion of a GP exercise referral qualification while working as fitness manager at Kings College Student Union.

Selfless Staff Member

Working at the east London-based gym in St Stephen's Road, Bow, Si Mohamed has enjoyed various achievements in his operations manager role, ranging from developing the gym's service delivery after its One to One programme ended in 2016, to helping provide gym staff and volunteers with a new kitchen space.

Si Mohamed - a DIY enthusiast in his spare time who once contemplated becoming a plumber - explains developing the new kitchen: "As I thought all our staff, volunteers and trustees have worked incredibly hard for our gym, I really wanted to reward them with something special to recognise their efforts!

"So after having a long think, I called some kitchen suppliers and got a worktop donated from Wickes and also negotiated some kitchen carcasses from Travis Perkins to transform our downstairs chillout therapy room space.

"I then remember coming into the office one day and after keeping it a surprise, snuck past Victoria (Ability Bow's director and founder) with a trolley full of kitchen interior items and she was totally baffled when I said it was a new kitchen!"

Assembling the new kitchen space alongside help from one of the gym's current highly qualified fitness instructors, Patrick Trotman - with electrical item donations from Ability Bow's trustee Siobhan Lanigan (and new power sockets installed for free by Steve and Erne the electrican), Si Mohamed was able to complete the kitchen turnaround within just a few weeks.

'In The Wars'

Aside from his kitchen-creating exploits, Si Mohamed's day-to-day roles include providing consistent development support to Ability Bow staff in everything from personal training to reception duties, involvement in the gym's programme delivery of initiatives such as Fit For Life, to leading on assessments and referrals for gym activities such as mental health-focused project, Positive Steps.

Like all of our members, Si Mohamed has also shown his huge commitment to Ability Bow by literally 'putting his body on the line' for our service (certainly matching our gym's determined ethos!). 

On just his first day at Ability Bow, Si Mohamed was pushed over on his bike en route to our gym after a bus had collided with him.

He explains: "I remember wanting to make a great impression on my first day and after I got knocked off my bike, I still felt I had to come in and after arriving at the gym appearing scraped and bloodied somewhat, I was told to get myself checked out and went home after a couple of hours!"

Passionate About People

Si Mohamed, who in his spare time enjoys everything from supporting Arsenal Football Club (for his sins), to Russian martial arts, painting and decorating (including his love of restoring something old to its former glory) and the outdoors/nature, says he loves working at Ability Bow and that 'the team live and breathe the gym's values'.

He adds: "It's a pleasure working with everyone associated to the gym and as a team, we've always worked brilliantly hard at balancing our clients' needs and adapting our service structure accordingly and thus evolving from a large, to small, close-knit team with smooth efficiency.

"What I also love about working within my role at Ability Bow is seeing everyone here making progress and developing people's confidence.

"I'd also say that (jokingly) other than finally getting a new uniform for our personal trainer Tony, my other biggest achievement here is picking people up when they're down and giving our members a service unavailable elsewhere locally and thus helping to enhance their health and wellbeing through our gym."

Victoria Kent, Ability Bow Director and Founder, says: "Si Mohamed is a true credit to Ability Bow and his outstanding 10 years here highlight his passion for people.

"This not only includes Si Mohamed's enhanced staff training measures, alongside service delivery of our newer projects such as DeafAbility, to our over 65s groups, but caring for our staff with his selfless kitchen building and partnership working out-of-hours in the community to help engage and empower our members.

She adds: "Well done Si Mohamed - let's hope we've still got you for many years to come to develop our service even further!"

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