Thinking about mental wellbeing: Members' Bulletin #2

Thinking about mental wellbeing 

In January it’s not uncommon for many of us to feel a little low. It’s a cold month, we don’t usually get to do as much outside as we would like to, and this year in the pandemic many of us are also shielding at home. At Ability Bow we’re very aware of the benefits of exercise on mood and mental health, and we know that coming to the gym to exercise gives as much of a boost mentally as it does physically. Moving around and being physically active is a powerful way to increase happiness and wellbeing - and during lockdown we can still find ways to do this at home. Even a few minutes of mindfully moving our bodies can elevate our mood.

For more on maintaining good mental health during coronavirus see this article from the Mental Health Foundation 

Try this at home: Sit to Stand Exercise

Sit to Stand is a fantastic functional exercise that helps to improve essential everyday activities, such as getting up out of a chair and getting out of bed. Strengthening the muscles of the legs, hips and core, it’s also a great cardiovascular exercise working the heart and lungs. It’s a good allrounder! 

  • Sit with feet, hips and knees in line

  • Arms in front for balance

  • Lean forward slightly from the hips 

  • Stand and then slowly return to a seated position

  • Repeat 10-15 times

 This week’s news: 

  • With the gym closed for the time being we’ve been looking at various ways to improve our payment system as we work and exercise remotely. We have just rolled out our new ‘Pay By Text’ option. This allows members to make secure payments for sessions through the Fresha app speeding up your checkout process. Once Fresha Pay is set up, members report they have found it the easiest way to pay for sessions.

  • Online Exercise and ‘Virtual Cuppa’ sessions are available to all members

  • We would like to hear from you if you have any good news stories that you would like to share with other members. 

  • This bulletin is a way to keep connected with our gym community during coronavirus.

Members Spotlight: 

If you’d like to contribute something for others to read please get in touch! This week gym member Christine Lilley writes about her experience of exercising at home via livestream sessions. 

gym member Christine exercising at home via livestream with instructor Tony My name is Christine and I have a rare genetic neurological condition Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP).  This affects my balance and mobility and leaves me feeling fatigued.  I have been a gym member at Ability Bow since January 2017 and in early June 2020 I began online exercise classes twice a week with Tony Snook. 

 The classes are great fun and have helped me to achieve and maintain a level of fitness throughout the pandemic.  At times during this period my moods have swung high and low, which I am sure is the case for most of the population in the last ten months, but with Tony’s support, have really helped considerably with both my physical and mental well-being.

 If you are thinking of signing up for classes online, I would urge you to do so because so much can be achieved with regular exercise.  Don’t let the idea of it being online put you off because the exercises are varied and matched to the individual and are tailored by your trainer to what you can realistically achieve. For example, my exercises focus on strengthening my balance and coordination.   I use resistance bands and small weights for some of the exercises.  The live online sessions take place on Zoom and it is very easy to use and you will be sent an email well before your first session with your Zoom link which you retain for each of your sessions.  You will be sent a reminder text/email before your class.  [Ability Bow might want to put in some technical information here]

 I also participate in the weekly virtual coffee afternoons which take place on a Thursday. This is a great way to meet other gym members and the conversations are always fun and lively.   I do hope to see you at these meetings.

 Undecided about exercising online with one of our Instructors? Contact us for YOUR FREE TASTER SESSION with Tony or Drew.