Total Top-Up Gym Member Programme Through Clarion Futures Grant

Ability Bow gym members are set to benefit from a 'top-up' extension to the programmes they already participate in - or are waiting to join - thanks to an exciting grant from Clarion Futures, the charitable foundation of Clarion Housing Group, of nearly £5,000 to support disabled people to exercise within the borough.

Available initially as a pilot scheme to 20 members who have finished or are nearing completion of their initial 12 week slot - within any of the gym's existing activities - ranging from DeafAbility to Positive Steps - the grant will enable gym members currently living within Clarion Housing properties, the UK's largest housing association, to benefit from extra gym time; which include an additional block of 10 exercise sessions for those unable to exercise independently within their first 12 weeks.

Potentially supporting existing gym members to exercise for longer as part of Ability Bow's wider service rebuild - which includes the aim to recreate the One to One instructor-to-client rehabilitation initiative - our Bow-based gym, which is inner London's only disability and long term health conditions facility, secured support from Clarion Futures after submitting a successful funding application to them.

The 'top-up' project is set to run from mid-June 2018 as an initial trial period before potentially becoming a gym mainstay subject to further grant funding from Clarion.

Big Benefits

Simohamed Dahiri, Ability Bow Operations Manager, says: "We're delighted to be working with Clarion Futures on this exciting top-up/extension project.

"Firstly, this grant will vitally secure an insurance of up to 10 further sessions for our members who are experiencing complex and longer-term health conditions and needs, in order for them to extend their recovery with the right support from our highly qualified instructors and not return to their community prematurely without the necessary person-centred rehabilitation.

"We believe the further benefit of this grant will also be to aid the families of those gym members involved on these extended projects, as the person may significantly improve their health and wellbeing and in turn, become more independent."

Victoria Kent, Ability Bow Director and Founder, says: "This grant is a fantastic boost for our service delivery and in helping the vulnerable people we strive to support within Tower Hamlets to continue their remarkable recoveries.

"Thanks to Clarion‘s generosity, this grant also gives us a great opportunity to potentially provide our members with additional activities and partnerships at the gym which will be detailed once finalised and will aim to empower our members further to exercise borough-wide."

Phil Miles, Director of Clarion Futures, said: “Our community grants programme exists to help local organisations make a difference to our residents and their communities, so we’re delighted to award Ability Bow with this grant to allow the exercise classes to continue. We know they’ve been of huge benefit and enjoyment to those who’ve taken part so far and hope this will help to make a positive difference to lives of many more people."

Current Activities 

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