Vibrant Volunteer Coordinator Rosie Leaving On A High

We’re sad to announce our vibrant volunteer coordinator Rosie Vincent will be leaving us for a fantastic new opportunity after a fabulous five months with us and creation of a new vibrant Ability Bow volunteer programme.

Rosie, 23, will be leading Roman Road Trust, a local urban regeneration organisation, as its new chief executive officer in September 2019 following additional success with our service ranging from leading a merchandise placement project with five Queen Mary University of London students, to securing three new permanent volunteers.

Working between three different roles while at Ability Bow, east London-based Rosie has also been able to formulate a local events presence to promote our volunteering programme including showcasing our service at the Women’s Hall Garden party last month, as well as overseeing a dedicated new volunteering opportunities section on our website.

Rosie says: “I’ve loved working for Ability Bow in the short time I’ve had and have been delighted to create a varied volunteer programme which can really continue to reach out to our local community and seek involvement from brilliantly skilled and personable volunteers.

“What’s great about our new volunteer programme is that when a volunteer becomes involved, they’re supported and valued as vital Ability Bow team members throughout. I also know the future programme will be aiming to increase both its volunteer numbers from diverse backgrounds and provide all volunteers with a reward and thank you system to celebrate everyone’s involvement.

“I’m otherwise really sad to be leaving such a wonderful team and service and I want to say thank you to everyone who’s helped me develop my confidence and skills to help me seek out this exciting new opportunity at Roman Road Trust.”

Ability Bow Director and Founder Victoria Kent, adds: “We’re so sad to see Rosie leave us and have been incredibly impressed at how quickly, effectively and creatively she’s been able to implement a sustainable new volunteering programme.

“Rosie has been integral in developing a volunteering programme aiming to advertise, recruit, support, develop, retain and reward volunteers over the past five months, whereby she’s been able to consult brilliantly with existing team members and volunteers to tailor new volunteers to our charity’s needs.

“As a charity which has volunteers at its core, we were so delighted to enhance our volunteering offer through recruiting Rosie and thanks to Rosie, our further aims will include developing more unique, meaningful and beneficial volunteering opportunities in the future.”

Volunteer For Us

Employing Rosie Vincent as the first disabilities and long-term health conditions exercise service’s volunteer coordinator through grant funding, Ability Bow currently oversees seven official volunteers, while welcoming occasional volunteers for events including the Virgin Money London Marathon and Big Fun Run in Victoria Park, Bow, every October.

To find out more and apply for one of our many varied volunteering opportunities; including ranging from events assistants, gym buddies and partnerships development: