Virgin London Marathon 2011

Congratulations, you are in the London Marathon 2011! Hi! I'm Rita, one of the instructors here at Ability Bow, I have a lot of marathon and triathlon experience so I am offering you the chance to ask me any advice about training, gear, injuries and also the opportunity to come to the gym itself. I am also a Sports Massage Therapist, most endurance runners find a sports massage beneficial so I am offering you all a free massage session with me here to thank you all for the hard work that you are putting in for Ability Bow.

Both the staff and our members really appreciate the hard work you are putting into your training and fundraising. Please don't feel alone in this process, there are many others who may be feeling the same. Please, share! This blog space is for you to ask us questions and for you all to communicate together because you can all motivate and help each other.