Volunteer Profile - Annemette

 My name is Annemette Jepsen. I am 25 years old and I live in Bow, London. I was born and  raised in Denmark where I have lived the most of my life. I like to travel and experience new  things, learn from people and different cultures and societies. Last year I lived for more than  two months in Italy, Milan before moving to London, UK.In Denmark I chose to study as a  physiotherapist for 3 ½ years, which is my role at Ability Bow.Since I was very young I have  always been interested in this field as my father was a football  and handball trainer and always  took care of his player’s injuries.

I have always been very  active but in 2006-7 I started doing a  lot of exercise and fitness which increased my curiosity  and made me interested in how the  body works according to training, this lead me to choose a  career as a physiotherapist. Before  entering university I worked a year in different fields of  physiotherapy which gave me a lot of  knowledge and different kinds of skills. I also travelled to  Germany for 3 months during my  education to work at a big neurological hospital. When I  came to London, at the end of August  last year I started searching for work, by the beginning  of February this year I wrote to the  team at Ability Bow to volunteer and was so blessed to be  accepted into the team. After my first  visit I realised that I wanted to join and be part of the  team. The team at Ability Bow is a very  joyful team to be a part of, an open, and supportive  team that you can learn from and teach  each other; they have given me a lot of support. The  atmosphere is very positive which also  affects the clients, giving them a positive environment to learn, develop and exercise in.

I work a few hours at Ability Bow, beside my job at Osmani Trust in Whitechapel as a health trainer, which has given me a lot of knowledge regarding different kinds of areas regarding health, nutrition and a certificate in living and working with obesity. I like to combine this knowledge to help the person that I am working with as much as possible. My goals are to develop myself more both as a professional, according to skills and knowledge, and personally. I am very passionate about my work and love to help other people as much as I can.

Are you a qualified gym instructor who can offer some hours in our gym? Or perhaps you are connected to local politicianspublic healthclinical commissioning groups and charities or not for profit organisations? We would welcome anyone who can help to raise awareness and champion our cause. help to raise awareness and champion our cause. How to apply