What we're doing to reopen our face to face services

Now that it is possible for gyms to reopen after being shut because of Covid-19, we are looking at how we can reopen our community gym and begin delivering some limited face to face services. We're excited to think that we'll be able to see many familiar and new faces again soon but because we consider safety of our people above all else, it will take a little time for us to ensure that we have the right measures in place. 

When we reopen, we recognise that services will have to be different for a while, so we are doing our planning so that we can do this safely. You can help us by telling us what you need us to provide in this short survey. Please take time to do the survey so that we can gather as much information about our members' experience of lockdown and what their needs will be when we reopen our gym doors again. This will help us to tailor our limited provision around what is needed by our gym members.

Our 3-Steps to Reopening the Gym: 

Step 1 - survey gym members to find out what's changed for them during Covid-19 - what do they need us to provide?

Step 2 - plan what face to face activities we can provide that safely meet this need

Step 3 - reopen our doors at last and welcome people back to exercise safely in our gym

While you're waiting for face to face services you can exercise at home using our recordings here on our website. We have been doing livestream exercise sessions which have been very popular  - so if you want to take part in these contact us!

Some of us are on furlough; please bear with us while our working capacity is smaller than normal.