Wall Pressing, Member Spotlight, and soup! Members' Bulletin #4

In this week’s edition:

  • This week in ‘Veganuary’ fashion we share another vegan recipe from one of our team. We asked Victoria our CEO to tell us her favourite recipe - Sweet Potato Soup - which happens to be vegan, healthy and inexpensive to make. And it tastes great too. What’s not to like! Scroll on down for the recipe.

Local Partnerships and News - and a tasty recipe: Members' Bulletin #3

Local Partnership with DeafPlus 

We’re signing people up to our exciting new project in partnership with DeafPlus. If you are deaf or hearing impaired and live in Tower Hamlets we invite you to join us for 2 workshop sessions where we explore ways to live a healthy life, find a boost to our mental wellbeing and to consider our own personal barriers to exercise. Do let us know if you would like to attend the workshops dated 24th February and 1st March. 

Ability Bow Veganuary Recipes

Keeping connected with a new weekly gym bulletin



8th January 2021

Introducing our brand new Members’ Bulletin. Happy New Year! 

Keeping Connected

We hope you had a good break over Christmas and despite the changing restrictions you managed to enjoy a festive few days. 

Now that we are back in lockdown for the time being, we want to offer a weekly newsletter to connect you with what we are up to at Ability Bow, and also to provide what we think are ‘helpful and interesting’ top-tips and snippets of information!

Good News! We are reopening after lockdown

Our gym and face to face service will begin phased reopening on 19th October. For several weeks now our staff have worked behind the scenes to make sure that when we open our doors again during COVID-19 we do so as safely as possible.

For limited weekly open hours we invite members to return to exercise for 45 minute sessions in the gym, which will be arranged by bookings only. To manage reduced numbers during the pandemic we will not accept members visiting the gym without a pre-booked session