Rebecca Clancy: Running the London Marathon for Ability Bow

What was the best thing about being part of the London Marathon 2012? The atmosphere. I have done a few now and am always blown away by the kindness of strangers on the day. Little kids stand on the side of the road all day to give you sweets (that I'm pretty sure they would like to be eating themselves), while adults who’ve never met you before stand there cheering you on.

London Marathon 2012: A massive achievement by our runners!

London Marathon 2012: What a fantastic day we had on Sunday 22nd April!

We arrived bright and early at Greenwich Park to see if we could spot any Ability Bow runners. Those we did find were grabbed for a speedy photo and we wished them well for the race.

Projects News

Aside to our main specialist exercise referral programme, we also have several separate exercise projects that we run during the year. Now most of our projects are starting up new groups so we invite people to join up.

Our MS Exercise Group is for people who have Multiple Sclerosis ; a weekly exercise class for people with MS to improve strength, fitness and mobility, here at Ability Bow Gym.

Jo's Exercise Corner: How to use a Gym Ball (part 1)

Are you like the majority of people, you have a gym ball at home but never use it to exercise? (I use mine to sit on when I blow dry my hair!!) Let me give you a little nudge in the right direction and remind you of just some of the fab exercises you can use it for.

Helping People in Wheelchairs to Stand

Not everybody knows that Ability Bow has a Standing Frame for wheelchair users. We have had it for a few months now after it was donated by a gym member who didn’t have the room for it at home. The frame actually belongs to Tower Hamlets NHS and we work in partnership with physiotherapists to induct new users and help support people to use it here in the gym.