Ability Bow 2019-2024 Strategy

We're currently shaping our Ability Bow 2019-2024 strategy.

Thank you for all your contributions during the consultation last month - your views are vital to us when looking to review our direction and working practices in response to learning and changing circumstances.

What We've Achieved So Far

You, our supporters, are vital to how we’re looking to shape our organisation over the next five years.  

Thanks to you, we’ve so far been able to consult with our:  

  • Gym members 
  • Supporters (whether marathon runners or one-off legacy gift-givers) 
  • Funders (whether charitable trusts or commissioning groups) 
  • Partners (whether health/wellbeing services or volunteering trusts) 
  • Volunteers/Trustees/Staff 

We received a positive response level to our strategy consultation, which ran between September 2018 and October 2018.  

We then collated this information to understand what you, our supporters, want to see from us as a service provider during the next five years.  

Your Survey Responses  

Your survey responses were then analysed by us. We were able to get your feedback on:  

  • Which user groups – including health funders and commissioning groups – you’re keen for us to work with to further develop our service 
  • Which service needs – including staff and gym capacity – you'd like us to focus on delivering over the next five years 
  • How best you think we can make and even bigger impact on the lives of our gym members and the community

What We Already Do Well  

Thank you for your generous and positive feedback about how our service already operates. You told us that what we already do well, includes:

  • Providing an inclusive, social and supportive environment 
  • Offering outstanding staff expertise and range of equipment 
  • Delivering cohesive, caring and empowering exercise  
  • Communicating and coordinating swift and effective patient referrals 
  • Friendly, helpful and dedicated working practices  

What You’d Like To See  

You provided us with many consistent views around the direction of our Ability Bow exercise service. You’ve been able to provide some really helpful information, where you told us you’d like to see: 

  • More gym space, exercise equipment and staff numbers (especially instructors) 
  • Increased paid-for services 
  • Enhanced support to learn to exercise at home  
  • More volunteer and partnership working opportunities  
  • A wider client reach and media engagement to boost our profile and reputation 

Our New Strategic Aims  

Your feedback has provided us with some focused points for our service to work towards over the next five years. Some of the feedback we’ve received is of a day-to-day/operational nature, which is invaluable and will be dealt with individually by our team. Your overall feedback has informed our three key strategic aims for 2019-24, which are:  

  1. Offer long-term exercise support for people with high-level health needs and disabilities to increase their independence 
  2. Provide tailored exercise support to people at risk of developing serious health conditions, to enable them to live healthier, more active lives 
  3. Become a well-known leader in our field 

Essentially, we aim to provide you with an enhanced, person-centred and inclusive service you need over the next five years. We have identified the need to expand our space and increase our operational capacity to succeed in accomplishing these aims. 

With your continued help and continual feedback, as through our strategy survey, we will do our best to achieve our goals and get the service best-suited to you.  

What We're Looking To Build On

  • The 4,380 disabled people we have helped into exercise since 2006
  • The 30 people we've employed since 2006
  • Expanding our exercise presence within more east London communities
  • Enabling more people, including you, to feel fitter for longer through our service
  • Working with more partners and providers to ensure you get the care and support you need

The Next Phase Of The Strategy

Over the next few months we will be producing a Business Plan to set out how we will achieve our 2019-2024 strategic aims, and will update you with progress, once ready.  

Thank for your time and feedback! We really value your views!