Forever Fit

Gym member Finn on the equipment

We believe in keeping Forever Fit at our gym - knowing that if you don't use it, you may lose it! 

The Forever Fit exercise class is aimed at older people who want to maintain their physical wellbeing throughout life, get fitter, and improve their strength and balance (as well as helping to improve the confidence to exercise safely and learn what you can do at home to improve strength and balance). 

The rolling 10 week class will take place at 1.45 on Tuesdays , will last one hour and cost £4.50. 

Classes are followed by a cup of tea and a chat with instructor Tony in the Cafe. You will need to ask your GP to complete a referral to Ability Bow in the usual way .

Contact reception on 0208 980 7778 with any queries 

**Please note we are currently working on rebranding this project to Forever Fit, so any marketing materials which refer to It's Never Too Late are now known as Forever Fit.**

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