We excel in goal setting and programme design and we get results!

We are a team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals who really care about helping our gym members to achieve results.

Our Instructors are qualified up to fitness industry level IV giving them a solid knowledge to be able to design or modify exercise programmes for people with different abilities. We excel in goal setting and programme design and we get results!


"I think I've got the best job in the world. I love the new challenges every day and seeing new people discover their potential at Ability Bow gym. The work we do ends up making such a positive impact on people's lives – who could fail to get excited about that?" Victoria Kent, Director


"I enjoy working at Ability Bow because it is such a relaxing and professional environment for members of the public to come and exercise. It also makes it extra special when you see members improving as it benefits their daily life in a positive way." Simohamed Dahiri,Operations Manager


"It is very satisfying working with gym members who put so much effort into their exercise. The people I support are keen and I like seeing them achieve their goals. I feel good doing it." Patrick Trotman, Deputy Manager


“I truly enjoy working at Ability Bow, I love that we have such diversity among our members and the time that I get on reception  to interact with them. I am also thankful for my colleagues who are all friendly and approachable people who help create a positive and relaxed atmosphere to work and train.” Francesca , Reception Support Worker 


"Volunteering for Ability Bow has given me real purpose in life and I now look forward to going to work rather than waking up and wishing I could just curl up and the day would be over. Thank you for giving me the passion to live my life again ; I will happily give the Ability Bow family 100% of my time without hesitation. Thanks again.” Michael , Volunteer IT Coordinator 


“It’s truly inspirational be a part of Ability Bow, working in such a supportive and friendly atmosphere where the needs of members come first and lives are changed through exercise” Tony, Advanced Instructor