We support people with disabilities or long-term health conditions to do exercise on our Specialist Exercise Referral Service.

Our community gym is open to all but we focus our support on the people who really need our help. People with disabilities or long-term health conditions can experience many barriers to exercise, from not feeling welcome in a gym to not appreciating what exactly are the benefits of doing exercise.

We try to help remove those barriers by working with people in a very individual way; doing one-to-one exercise sessions and setting personal, realistic and measureable goals.

There is a very relaxed atmosphere in our gym but everyone benefits from the supervision and total support of our Advanced Gym Instructors. The environment is safe and inclusive and many people who come here to use the gym end up making friends or commenting on the sense of friendliness and peer support in the gym.

We are always trying new projects to further our experience and to reach groups of people we haven’t yet worked with. In addition to our Specialist Exercise Referral Service, we are currently running the following projects: