We Need You Now: Back Our 2019 Crowdfunding Campaign!

Disabled People Work Hard and Get Fit! 

We're delighted to announce our new £28,000 crowdfunding campaign; and you can be part of helping us win - and reach - our exercise project goals! 

How It Works...and How You Can Help! 

In association with digital platform Spacehive, our Disabled People Work Hard and Get Fit campaign is aiming to achieve 50 pledges (backers) by Monday 30 September 2019; all with your help! 

In phase 1 of our campaign, we'll be looking for 50 backers so we can be eligibile to reach our wider funding goal of £28,000; all by 25 October 2019. 

You Can Be A Hero In 5 Minutes...

Here's how...

  • Visit our Ability Bow and Spacehive crowdfunding campaign page>>

  • Click 'Back this project!'
  • Sign up via your email address or Facebook account (if you have the latter)
  • Pledge as many pennies as you feel you can (it can be as little as £2/£3)
  • Complete your secure one-off payment
  • Share this link with at least one friend (ideally via What’sApp as it pulls through our project page link and thumbnail photo image the best and it's obviously a great instant messaging tool - but essentially, share it however you feel most comfortable to do so as it all helps!)

...and help us reach those initial 50 pledges by 30 September and our first campaigning phase! 

We Can Only Do This Together!

So please join our movement now - we can only do this together!

You can show up for our gym like Kim (watch the video via our Spacehive page) and get social! 

Thank you all so much for your help! 

More On Why We're Doing This

Helping us achieve our project funding goals, will:

  • Enable inclusive exercise and tailored wellbeing support for all in Tower Hamlets
  • Ensure our gym’s community can generate new friendships and peer support opportunities
  • Provide a better quality of life for all connected to us

How Your Help Will Benefit Us

Benefits of our Disabled People Work Hard and Get Fit project will include:

  • Funding more long-term one-to-one exercise sessions to help people with complex disabilities and health conditions
  • Providing community-based exercise sessions
  • Delivering small group exercise classes

Who Your Funds Will Help

Sister Catherine Msoni’s Story

Meet Sister Catherine Msoni. A food bank worker from Tower Hamlets, Sister Catherine Msoni is now walking again mostly unaided after surviving the 2017 London Bridge terror attack in Borough Market.

Richard Palmer’s Story

Meet Richard. He lives with autism spectrum condition and a very severe form of obstructive sleep apnoea which can make his heart stop. He’s now become an award-winner and has gained vital social skills and ‘visibility’ he feels, all since joining our gym.

Kim Cousins’ Story

Meet Kim. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2017, the condition changed how she looked at life.

The 60-year-old Limehouse resident found it difficult to know where to turn thereafter and while she felt it was a blessing in disguise to just know what she was experiencing, living with the currently incurable condition meant she had to explore practical and emotional support options.

Keep Updated

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So Before You Leave This Page…

Show up and get social for our gym and enable inclusive exercise for all in Tower Hamlets.

Thank you so much to all involved; your support makes us who we are!