Since coming here in March I’ve lost 3 stone! I’ve changed my diet and my lifestyle which is quite an achievement as my condition makes exercise very hard.

I have a neurological condition called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia or HSP. It affects my balance, strength and co-ordination. I also get fatigued easily. My condition is progressive and won’t improve , but hopefully it will affect me less severely if I’m in the best state of health that I can be in.

I come to the gym at Ability Bow once a week to see Isaac and I also exercise at home using the skills that Isaac has taught me. ; I used to enjoy walking but even that is a big struggle since my diagnosis, now I do what I can in the gym and at home. It’s also nice to get out and see different people, it also means a lot to see people with all different conditions, some very severe, who are still motivated to exercise.

It’s all about taking responsibility for your health, as you’re the only one who can really change it. The weekly visits I have here give me a purpose. It’s very hard going from full time work all your life to nothing, I suddenly found my days had no structure or routine and Ability Bow gives me some of that back. The staff are friendly and all the other gym members too. I can’t fault the gym or the exercise program that I’m a part of.