COVID-19 Omicron News

We took action in response to the government announcement and we have made changes to our safety measures for members and staff in the gym.

On top of our existing Covid safety procedures, we now require everyone to wear masks at all times (unless exempt) and we assess every visitor for cold or possible virus symptoms when they arrive. If you have any sniffles or illnesses, Covid or no, please help to keep others safe and do not come to the gym.

We’ll act accordingly as things develop with the new variant, meanwhile we will be watching the news and doing our best to keep our community safe.

The best defence against the virus remains hand washing, air ventilation, masks, social distancing, regular testing and vaccines.

In The Gym

Our order for a set of wheelchair scales arrived this week. Patrick and Tony were busy setting them up and figuring out how to use them.

We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer weighing for people who use wheelchairs, and especially to overcome any barriers to weighing for people who attend our new weight management service.

These scales were an expensive item ‘weighing in’ at a few hundred pounds, so we are keeping them carefully to one side until we use them. The funding for them came from LBTH for whom we are delivering this new project to help LBTH residents lose weight.

If you’re a wheelchair user and you would like to use them please ask a member of the team.

This week was the last Smovey Class of the year, with Sonia reopening the weekly class in the church hall in the new year. All welcome to join, so if you are interested let us know! It runs on Fridays at 11am.

Christmas Closing

Our online Seated Pilates Class will continue to run up until 13th December. We would love to have more members joining this class so perhaps consider trying it out in the new year! It is on Mondays at 11am.

The Virtual Cuppa social group finishes on Thursday 16th December and returns in the new year. You are welcome to pop in any time for an on screen connection and chat. Just speak to Tony or a team member for more information. The Virtual Cuppa is 3pm on Zoom every Thursday.

The gym’s last day pre-Christmas is earlier than you might expect – as we close on Friday 10th December. The reason for this is accrued annual leave of our tiny team as we have prioritised running the gym over taking any time off.

Thank you so much to the team for working extra hard over recent months – and especially to Patrick for putting off his holiday in order to keep the gym open!

At The Gym:

  • Closing Monday 13th December to bank holiday Monday 3rd January
  • REOPENING 4th January 2022

Online Activities:

  • Closing Monday 20th December to bank holiday Monday 3rd January
  • REOPENING 4th January 2022

Local News

Rev. Darius and St. Paul Old Ford warmly invite us all to a Christmas Carol Service which will be held at 6pm on 12th December. The service is bookable by visiting the Eventbrite website.