Founder CEO

“I love having new challenges every day, and seeing people discover their potential. That’s what makes the work so rewarding. The work we do makes such a positive impact on people’s lives.”


Operations Manager

“It’s truly inspirational be a part of Ability Bow, working in such a supportive and friendly atmosphere where the needs of members come first and lives are changed through exercise”


Operations Manager

“It’s very satisfying working with people who put so much effort into their exercise. I like seeing our gym members achieve their goals and I feel good doing it.”


Executive Assistant

“I truly enjoy working here. We have such diversity among our members. I like to see the difference that exercise can make to a person’s life.

I’m thankful for my colleagues who are all friendly, approachable people, creating a positive and relaxed atmosphere to work.”



“I feel lucky to work in such a welcoming environment with such supportive staff and friendly clients.

It’s moving to hear clients talk about the big difference exercise has made to their quality of life.”



“I feel fortunate to be part of the Ability Bow team and our friendly, inclusive community. I am constantly learning from working with our members.

It is humbling and inspiring to see people work hard at their exercise to positively improve their lives.”