London Marathon

Rebecca Clancy: Running the London Marathon for Ability Bow

What was the best thing about being part of the London Marathon 2012? The atmosphere. I have done a few now and am always blown away by the kindness of strangers on the day. Little kids stand on the side of the road all day to give you sweets (that I'm pretty sure they would like to be eating themselves), while adults who’ve never met you before stand there cheering you on.

London Marathon 2012: A massive achievement by our runners!

London Marathon 2012: What a fantastic day we had on Sunday 22nd April!

We arrived bright and early at Greenwich Park to see if we could spot any Ability Bow runners. Those we did find were grabbed for a speedy photo and we wished them well for the race.

43 Days to go until the Big Day!

"Welcome and Hello to our lovely Runners.."

Today we count 43 days until this year's London Marathon - the Big Day for our Team of 35 wonderful runners signed up to run 26.2 miles to raise money for Ability Bow. It is a big day for us too, we'll get up early and go to Greenwich Park to meet our runners at the Start and take pictures of as many of you as we can find.

Support our London Marathon runners at the Grapes

Happy New Year! We are now all fully recovered from the long Christmas break and looking forward to the year ahead. The biggest fundraising event in our diary this year (and every year) is the London Marathon. This massive event is not only vitally important to us for all the funds that it raises for us (£37,000 last year!!)

Virgin London Marathon 2011

Congratulations, you are in the London Marathon 2011! Hi! I'm Rita, one of the instructors here at Ability Bow, I have a lot of marathon and triathlon experience so I am offering you the chance to ask me any advice about training, gear, injuries and also the opportunity to come to the gym itself. I am also a Sports Massage Therapist, most endurance runners find a sports massage beneficial so I am offering you all a free massage session with me here to thank you all for the hard work that you are putting in for Ability Bow.

News: An update on our Events

Virgin London Marathon - Congratulations to our 24 runners who completed the 2010 Virgin London Marathon to raise money for Ability Bow. The London Marathon is a fantastic event to run in - for experienced runners and novices alike.